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Auditing Services

Audit quality begins with a well thought out audit approach. When engaged for audits, we believe part of our mission is to seek improved operating efficiency and profitability for our clients. We may, for example, outline possible internal control improvements, comment on favorable and unfavorable trends or recommend methods to protect against future rises in interest rates.Our audit approach is client specific, understandable and valuable.

Client Specific
We develop our audit plan after a thorough understanding of your business operations, processes and risks. Our audit approach is customized with the goal of applying our audit testing to the areas of highest risk. Just as no two companies are the same, no two audit engagements are the same. With a broad range of audit procedures available, we design our audit programs to deliver a client focused and industry specific audit process.

We provide explanations, interpretations, and analyses so you may better understand our audit process. We inform management, the board of directors and audit committee of our audit approach and take their special concerns into account when we perform our audit procedures. We take great care to see that financial statements present financial position and results of operations in an understandable and meaningful way to shareholders, management and external users.

Auditing should be viewed as a contributing factor to better business and administrative practices. Our experience with medium-sized, growth oriented companies permits us to address client services from a broad perspective, taking into account the relative strengths and weaknesses of the business as a whole. We believe that auditing services, when properly performed, should evaluate financial practices, identify inefficiencies and potential problem areas, and highlight service opportunities.


We provide following audit and related services



  • Statutory Audit Services
  • Internal Audit Services / Concurrent Audit Services
  • Management Audit Services
  • Operations and Efficiency Audit Services
  • Special Investigative Audit Services
  • Due Diligence Review